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ProtoShares does not exist anymore, but it seems this page still have accesses from time to time.

The page structure has been revived below, but there won't be any actual data apparently.

Server time: 2019-12-08 04:09:09 UTC+9

Current block: (since 1970-01-01 09:00:00 UTC+9, duration 09:09)
Current difficulty:
Block reward: 0.00000000 PTS
Coins generated: 0.00000000 PTS (nan% of 2.016M PTS genarated,
1,500,000.00000000 PTS to BTS release)

Blocks to retarget:
Measured: 0.00%
Estimated difficulty: 0.00000000 (0.00%)
Time to retarget: 0d 00:00:00 (2019-12-08 04:09:09 UTC+9)

Network hashing speed:
Last 100 blocks: 0.00 cpm ETA: 0d 00:00:00
Last 50 blocks: 0.00 cpm ETA: 0d 00:00:00
Last 15 blocks: 0.00 cpm ETA: 0d 00:00:00
Last 5 blocks: 0.00 cpm ETA: 0d 00:00:00

Thanks to Sp0tter's All Chains <> for the idea.
Bad looking source code: see /index.txt

Here comes the testing area. Earning calculator is WIP AND NOT ACCURATE (by reports).
Daily earning @ 200 cpm: nan PTS
Input cpm:

Notice: Actual income depends on pool luck as well.
You should also learn how your pool pays you, to avoid frustrations. HALL OF SHAME Following sites were found immorally using this page: by framing this page and posting his donation address. This page is now breaking any frames unless you choose to disable javascript. Losers gonna lose.